Mojichat Makes Play for Streaming Game Ads

In a recent Mojichat branded activation, gamers earned $3,000 apiece —
more than 10 times the typical earnings per stream.

Mojichat believes it has cracked the code when it comes to placing non-intrusive ads in the most popular streaming games.

Celebrity gamers with huge audiences have steered clear of branded messages because they lose as much as 20 percent of their viewers when they stop gameplay to run a video ad, as the app's founder and CEO Jeremy Greene pointed out. "That has not only limited their monetization opportunities but also left advertisers without access to the lucrative streaming market."

Greene says Mojichat removes those barriers — with lucrative results for gamers.

Here's how it works. The company's new ad program targets the hundreds of millions of livestream gaming fans with brand images and links integrated into the custom avatars and in-game chats of streamers, according to the company, with all ads sold through its own agency, Lunchbox GG, which has facilitates agreements between streamers and brands. The agency says it has access to more than 20 million streamers seeking ways to monetize their gaming activities.

Mojichat’s custom emote and alert system allows streamers to create unique gaming personas from an array of face shape, hair, skin type, hairstyle, clothing and animation options, and employ the resulting avatars on any streaming video gaming platform, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Mixer. With the new program, every bit donation, subscription or other alert received from a viewer during a livestream triggers the streamer's branded avatar and associated CPM payment. A link to the advertiser's selected content appears in the chatbox every time a branded alert is sent, making all alerts actionable. Every seven-hour stream can include an average of 98 brand impressions, based on the average number of alerts Mojichat users receive per stream.

In one of the first brand campaigns to use the program, marketplace app MercariGG inserted targeted ads publicizing a product launch into the live streams of three streamers. The campaign yielded 294 targeted and verified insertions with a CPM of $30. In addition, each of the three streamers earned $3,000 — more than 10 times their typical earnings per stream.

Launched in January, Mojichat now boasts tens of thousands of streamers, a 95 percent retention rate and 100,000 new unique views weekly. Participating streamers have an average unique viewership of 15,000 with a combined social reach of more than 72 million.

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