Jaguar Land Rover Latest Brand to Lend a Helping Hand Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Another case of a brand doing good during the coronavirus pandemic.

The automaker Jaguar Land Rover said it has deployed more than 160 vehicles globally to support emergency organizations during the crisis. More than half of the wheels were sent to the British Red Cross, which will use them to deliver medicine and food to vulnerable cases across the nation. Jaguar Land Rover has also offered a hand of support to the British government in the way of research, engineering, machine learning, AI, data science and other areas.

Other vehicles were distributed to Red Cross operations in Spain, France, South Africa and Australia. The auto brand said the models were available to be put to good use in the crisis because launch events they'd been earmarked for were postponed.

"Jaguar and Land Rover will do everything we can to support people in need around the world," said customer experience director Finbar McFall, who noted that the company's relationship with the Red Cross and Red Crescent goes back 65 years. "We can all play a part in helping the vulnerable during this global pandemic."

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