Tuesday, June 27

Who Says People Don't Care About Print? Magazine Covers Dominate the News Cycle

Magazines still matter. If not, then why did three separate stories about magazine covers dominate today's news cycle? Vanity Fair kicked off things early this morning when it tweeted this simply amazing cover of a pregnant Serena Williams, photographed by Annie Leibovitz:

Vanity Fair has a way of making headlines with its covers. Remember two years ago when its Caitlyn Jenner unveiling became not just the year's most talked about magazine but the most buzzed-about media event period? That bombshell image was also announced quietly, with just a simple tweet, meaning that the most arresting and impactful images don't require a press conference or a lot of fanfare to get attention or to become iconic. Speaking of icons (to me anyway), here's another, much-chatted-about cover of the day — weirdly, belonging to Delta's in-flight magazine:

Bustle noted that social media just couldn't quit talking about the manspreading of Canada's ridiculously appealing leader. My personal favorite among the reactions:

Finally, even though we're breaking with our daily ritual of ignoring him in the hopes he will actually vanish into thin air like a particularly potent fart, our Liar In Chief strikes again, with the self-obsessed one apparently placing framed, fake covers of himself throughout his golf clubs. Here's one of them:

It's a story The Washington Post broke that got picked up by AOL, Business Insider, The Telegraph and everyone else, including The Hill, which had the headline of the day:

One has to kind of feel sorry for him at this point. But, a question: If this guy thinks the media suck so bad, then why is he fixated on magazine covers — including fake ones? A Time spokeswoman confirmed to the Post that the above is not, in fact, an actual cover, despite the fact that Trump has appeared on real covers of Time that he could just as easily display at his properties, send to his friends for Christmas, or make sweet love to. On top of all the other lawsuits he faces, wouldn't a copyright infringement case brought by Time Inc. against a man who likes to call out respectable news orgs for fake news but who, as it turns out, is its biggest purveyor of all be especially delicious?