Heroine Chic: Classy, Ballsy Chelsea Clinton

From Fran Lebowitz to Stevie Nicks, y'all know by now that all my heroes happen to be heroines. Add another one as of today. I never really had an opinion about Chelsea Clinton one way or another (even though I did vote for her mother and father a number of times, and I didn't much care for that ridiculous, nepotistic stint at NBC News, even though I think that reflected badly on the network, not her). But I love her—and started following her on Twitter—after reading this Times story. It takes deftness and intelligence to respond forcefully, even angrily to things most people with a conscience are bothered by (stuff like, oh I don't know, a congressman saying "We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies") but in a way that does not subscribe to the nastiness and pettiness that has come to define political discourse in the age of the reality show president. And as this story points out, if you don't like what she (or I, for that matter) have to say, it's easy—just unfollow.

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