Tuesday, June 29

Pat Kiernan Is Satan, and NY1 Is His Horrible Domain

As if there weren't enough reasons to loathe New York's low-rent, somnolent answer to local cable news, now comes New York magazine's yummy takedown of those small fish in a smaller, sewage-clogged pond over at Charter Communications' NY1, detailing every putrid display of the little station that couldn't's backstabbing, rampant discrimination, serial lawsuits, and colossally swelled heads of management and on-air "talent," in particular the sneering, phony baloney game show host wannabe anchor Pat Kiernan and his sidekick, the wretched, squeaky traffic wrangler Jamie Stelter. This piece should be required reading for any young person thinking of going into local TV news, though why anyone would have such paltry aspirations is beyond me (having done it myself right out of college — a mercifully short-lived tour through hell). In today's tech-saturated, hyper-connected world, why would anyone want to be part of a dying enterprise like TV news, when his or her day could be better spent, say, making a TikTok video, or maybe getting a bunion scraping? Since the Dutch put down their stakes, New York has been a place where people flock to make a name for themselves, to make their dreams come true. And if you have always dreamt of being an important, successful journalist, you can do that here, too — but if it doesn't work out, don't worry, you can always go to work for NY1.