Wednesday, August 2

Move Along, Nothing to See Here Folks: Franco Says a Lot of Nothing in New Out

In which the terribly overrated but legendary simply because he's been around so long gay writer Edmund White interviews the equally tedious, sexually confused and dubiously gifted actor/director about The Deuce, his new HBO series on the 70s porno industry, as well as today's hookup culture and Franco's stubbornly circuitous career (but oddly, featuring precious little about Franco's own, teasingly gay-ish identity—despite the fact this is an interview in a gay magazine). No, not very revealing or interesting, I'm afraid (this is Edmund White, after all), though I was amused by White's crack about the kids who take his creative writing class at Princeton:

"Half my students are Christians and the other half are sluts."

As someone who spent his entire adult life in New York in the company of active sex addicts and recovering Catholics, and who grew up in the South, in particular in and around Nashville—a town that is at once oppressively religious and, by way of the music business for which it is famous and the notorious charlatans, thieves, sleazeballs and otherwise morally bankrupt individuals drawn to it, not to mention a robust saloon, strip-bar and honky-tonk culture, decidedly ungodly—I've known in my time plenty of Christians and sluts. Interestingly, but not at all surprisingly, it's been my experience that often the more someone identifies as the former, he or she happens to strongly qualify as the latter.